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Tantalizing TugJob

Sadie Santana

This skinny light skinned babe has inflated breasts and she isn’t afraid to use them. She looks white cock even with her Muslim up bringing. Did you know that there are a few countries in Africa that are populated by Dark skinned African’s that name Islam as their main religion. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like sex. Not everyone follows the Koran. Sadie Santana is one of those women. She not only gives a tug job in this video but she gives her white fella a boob job jerking him off with his penis pressed between her breasts.

China’s First Time

China Blakk

China Blakk has never given a hand job before and she has never been with a white guy.  So the idea of tugging on his white pecker for a while appealed to her so she could get to know it better. After all interracial sex isn’t for everyone but China was willing to give it a try.  This white guy thought she was the prettiest ebony princess he has ever seen.  He admits to liking black women and especially if they are young.  It’s kind of a match made in heaven if you ask us.  You should really watch the video to see what we mean.


Semen Spurtin With Yaya Banks

 Semen Spurtin' With Yaya Banks

Normally we like to show you the money shot.  But after taking one look at Yaya Banks and her lady curves we wanted to be sure you got a good look at her entire body from head to toe.  Let us just tell you a little about the video footage that she appears in.  She keeps jerking on Billy’s boner until he squirts a ton of semen out of his pipe.  It’s raunchy and erotic at the same time.  Our guess is that Billy likes her curves as much as we do.  Interracial sex should really feature thick thighs like this.  Why they don’t do it more often is beyond us.  Again this is one of our favorite videos in the Ebony Tugjobs series.

Interracial Dick Jerk

We had a hard time picking which picture to post.  Adriana Malao is really one sexy ebony babe and while this picture doesn’t do her justice we just loved the pose.  What we like is that she is sitting on her white man’s lap reverse cow girl style.  Her pussy is just inches away from penetration and she is in complete control as she tugs on his shaft. Really when you think about it why look at some ugly hairy white boy when you can enjoy the golden silky dark skin of a hot ebony vixen.  Thing is she has full on hardcore porno sex with this guy so you should really watch entire video.

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Amani Loves Jerking Big Cocks

 Amani Loves Jerking Big Cocks

Some girls like sex and other girls do it for the emotional attachment. But the kind of girls we like are the ones who can’t keep their hands off of huge peckers. This is the kind of girl who gets turned on by the site of a big hard thick penis no matter what color it might be. Amani is one of those girls. She is as cute as they get and she knows how to get a big load of cum out of any penis she sees. Take one look at this girls face.  That expression says it all.  She is loving every minute of it.  Sure Johnson only needs one hand while we define big as requiring two hands on the shaft but Amani doesn’t mind.

I’ve Been Waiting All Night

You have to love a girl who will wait all night to give a guy a rub and a tug.  Sure there are some slutty women out there. But not too many have the passion for sex like Anita.  so it’s late night and this is when Anita likes to have the most fun.  Look at the look on her face. She means business.  It looks like she is in a hotel room.  Hopefully Billy ordered her a bottle of champagne while she waited.  She probably ordered a few pornos and billed them to the room.  Billy is gonna end up with a nice bill when he checks out.  But I’m sure it was worth it judging from the video I just watched.

I Like This White Dick

Ana Foxx seems to really love this thick white cock. I guess that is why they named the episode I Like This White Dick. She is enjoying every ounce of jizz on her face.  Not a big facial just a good facial. She probably wants him to stick it in her now.  Girls seems to love thick cocks that have a thinner tip because penetration isn’t as painful as the really huge cocks.  Maybe she just has a thing for white boys.  The only way to find out is to watch the full episode. You’ll learn more and we won’t spoil the surprise here. Just know this is one of our favorite videos.